Randonnée - Le Site de Lestrange

Randonnée pédestre à Lapleau

  • The paths of Laborie will lead you to the site of Lestrange where a viewpoint overlooking the river Luzège awaits you.
    The family of Lestrange built in the eleventh century its castle on a rocky promontory above the valley of the Luzège. Today, it is the lords of the air, raptors, who occupy the area. Do not forget the binoculars: many birds can be seen on the way.

    Departure: roadside Charlanne, Laborie. Duration: 2h. Length: 5.3 km. Difficulty: easy. Tagging: orange.

    To view this circuit in 3D, go to: www.rando-millevaches.fr.

    Pour visualiser ce circuit en 3D, rendez-vous sur : https://rando-millevaches.fr
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