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The fishing card

The essential if you want to fish in tranquility !

To fish, except your fishing rod, it is imperative to have your fishing card on you ! It is the sesame that allows fishing in peace on the waters of Corrèze ! 

Discover here everything you need to know about the fishing card and its specificities.


Why buy it ?


By buying your fishing card, you can fish legally in the Corrèze’s fresh waters. If you fish in a river or lake without your fishing card, you can get verbalized. It is therefore important to have it on you.


Buying a fishing card also makes it possible to finance the actions in favor of fishing. When you buy a card, you pay four contributions:

  • one for the water agency, responsible for preserving the quality of the water;

  • one for the national fishing federation;

  • one for the departmental federation;

  • and one for the Authorized Associations of Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environments (AAPPMA in French).



The different fishing cards

There are many fishing cards existing :

Annual cards

Valid for the current calendar year, that is from January 1st to December 31st.
For example, if you take your card on September 1st, it will only be valid for 4 months.

In these annual cards, you have:

  • The “major person” card at € 77, which allows fishing in the 1st category waters (single-line fishing) and 2nd category (4-line fishing) waters, with all fishing modes allowed


  • The “Interfederal major person” card at € 100, which allows you to fish with the same rights as the previous card, but in 91 French departments.


  • The “Women Discovery” card for 35 €: intended, as the name suggests, to women, the card allows fishing in 1st and 2nd category waters, to a line and with all authorized fishing methods, in 91 departments in France..


  • The “Minor” card at €21: for kids under 18 years of age on the 1st of January of the current year. All modes of fishing authorized, in 1st and 2nd category waters, on the 91 departments.


  • The “Under 12” card for €6: for all children under 12 years of age on January 1st of the current year. Allows fishing, all modes allowed, in 1st and 2nd category, single line, 91 departments.



The holiday cards

For a day, for a weekend, you have a choice :

    • The weekly card at €33: valid for 7 days consecutively. It gives the same rights as the “Interfederal major person card”.

    • The €11 day pass: valid for one day, it gives the same rights as the “major person” card.


Where to buy your fishing card ?


You have the possibility to buy directly your fishing cards on the National Fishing Federation’s website. Nevertheless, we advise you to buy them directly at the Tourist Office, in Egletons.