The regulation

The rules you have to know to fish legally in Corrèze !

Watercourses’ categories


  • The first category : “are classified in the first category, all the rivers, portions of rivers or bodies of water where salmonids dominate.”

    Corrèze, Deiro, Doustre, Luzège, Sombre and their tributaries are listed in the first category. Deiro Lake is also a first category lake.

  • The second category: “Are classified in the second category all the rivers, portions of watercourse or bodies of water, not classified in the first category.”

    The Valette Lake and the Chastang Dam containment are classified in the second category.



ATTENTION: to fish, in first or second category, it is imperative to hold a fishing card. See the different fishing cards that I can buy.


Some Regulatory Points on Watercourses

In first or second category are prohibited :

  • fishing for native crayfish
  • Eel fishing (prohibited only at night. When you fish during the day, you have the obligation to hold a catch book)

  • Trolling (on the whole department)


Regulation in the first category:

  • On rivers, fishing with only one line (maximum 2 hooks or 3 artificial flies) or two lines is allowed, if the water body is managed by the fishing federation (example: the water of the Lake Deiro in Egletons).

  • It is allowed fishing for maggot without priming, only on federal watercourses.


Regulation in the second category:

  • Fishing is allowed with 4 lines (maximum 2 hooks or 3 artificial flies. 6 crayfish scales are allowed, as well as a carafe of 2 liters maximum.

  • Fishing gear is prohibited.


To discover the entire fishing regulation in Corrèze, you can visit the website of the Corrèze federation.