Terra Aventura (1)Terra Aventura (1)
©Terra Aventura (1)|Malika Turin

Practical informations

You’ll know everything you need to know about this 100% fun game !

To play:

  • Download the Terra Aventura app freely on your smartphone, to choose a route according to its location, theme, …


Before the course:

  • You can download the course, which can be useful if you go to areas without internet connection.


During the course :

  • Use geolocation to get to the right places every step of the way.
  • Answer all the questions asked. Be careful, several questions can be asked during the same step.
  • Observe the places you cross and enjoy!
  • For the greenests of you, it is possible to recover a special Poi’z, Zecolo, only by cleaning nature. For that, it is enough, once the course and your good action carried out, to go to the referent tourist office of the course, with the proof that you helped Zécolo to make the planet cleaner !

  • If you can not find the cache, do not panic!
    • First of all, check that you have answered all the questions and that an answer has not escaped you or has not been validated.
    • If all is good in what is above, call the Tourist Office to check together the answers and if necessary, get help to find the cache.


You found the cache: congratulations!

    • Respect the place where the treasure is and do not change the place of the cache, to respect the Terr’Aventurers who will pass after you !
    • Recover a Poi’z.
    • Write down the password hidden in the notebook to unlock gifts, share photos, …
    • Leave a comment written via the app to share your experience of the course