Le Centre de Découverte du Moyen-ÂgeLe Centre de Découverte du Moyen-Âge
©Le Centre de Découverte du Moyen-Âge|OT Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières/Studio Photo Agnoux

The Middle Age Discovery Center

Open the doors of a world almost forgotten … the Middle Ages !

The Middle Ages strongly marked the Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières territory. It is only natural that a place be dedicated to this important period. In Egletons, the Middle Age Discovery Center (CDMA in French) offers its visitors a global vision of the forgotten world of the Middle Ages.


“To watch, to listen, to touch, to feel … to discover the medieval world”. This is the promise of this place where many objects on display take you back in time and explain life in the Middle Ages.

Over 350 m², the Discovery Center offers a sensory tour and an interactive approach to the Middle Ages. Exhibition rooms, 5 in total, are chosen according to their themes. Religion, food, war, trade, … the MADC allows you to discover the Middle Age in all its forms … and also puts you to practice, thanks to summer workshops.


The Middle Age Discovery Center Middle Age also has a medieval garden, a must-visit place of the time and inspired by the gardens of the cloisters, which allows you to feed, heal, dream, ….

How to contact the Middle Age Discovery Center ?

By phone at +33(0)5 55 93 29 66.

By e-mail à cdma@mairie-egletons.fr