The “Land of Art and History” label

An enhancement of the Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières’ territory’s heritage.

Since 2011, the Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières territory has been labeled “Land of Art and History”, along with other Corrèze territories that are part of the “Mixed Syndicate of Correzian Highlands and Ventadour”.

This label, given by the Ministry of Culture, makes it possible to highlight a strong cultural identity and contributes to the attractiveness of the territory.

This label enhances the architectural, historic and natural quality of the Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières territory, which has a strong historical heritage, through numerous buildings preserved for several centuries.

Thanks to the Land of Art and History label, the Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières territory sees many events emerging around its heritage, with the aim of promoting it to tourists and local inhabitants. Guided tours, exhibitions, youth workshops, … accessible to all, these events raise awareness to the rich heritage and architecture of our territory.