Eglise de DarnetsEglise de Darnets
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Located in a remarkable natural environment, discover the small village of Darnets.

While some of its houses rise up to 621 meters above the sea level, Darnets sees part of its village in the hollow of a valley, including its small church, mixture of romanesque and gothic architecture.

Bordering Egletons, Darnets is a part of the Regional Natural park of Millevaches in Limousin.

During the Middle Ages, Darnets had Viscount Ventadour as its suzerain, and was therefore concerned when battles and conflicts raged. For example during the occupation of the Fortress of Ventadour by Black Head Geoffroy, from 1379 to 1389.

From its past, the town preserved many heritage elements, testimonies of a great historical richness. Private castles, churches, crosses of villages or former presbytery remind us of the past of this authentic village.

Darnets is also a village where fauna and flora are legion. A green setting conducive to hiking on foot or on bike to explore this natural environment.



  • Church Saint-Maurice : listed as a Historical Monument since 1923, this church is attested from the 12th century. Back then, it only had a nave completed by a three sides choir. Remodeled in the 15th century, it is a subtle blend of gothic and romanesque art.

  • Monumental cross under the oratory : this cross of the 16th century is listed as a Historical Monument, just like the church. Property of the village, it represents the Christ, Marie the Virgin and Saint John on one of the faces.

  • The Lieuteret Castle : built in the 15th Century, it is listed as a Historical Monument in 1969. Several elements such as a chapel, the dining room or some interior decorations are protected by it. As private castle, it is not possible to visit it on the inside.

  • Interpretation path : this path called “Las Vergnas” allows you to enter the heart of a site with multiple natural environments : wet or dry lands, wooded areas or dry moor. Interpretation tables installed on the course give you more information.

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