©Lapleau|OT Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières/Studio Photo Agnoux


Not far from the Dordogne gorges, discover the little village of Lapleau.

15 minutes away from Egletons, Lapleau, from the occitan language La Pléu, stretches along a main street where we find a rich and preserved historical heritage (church, castles, …).

Delimited by the Luzège river, a tributary of the Dordogne, Lapleau is located in an almost intact nature. A few kilometers away from the village, you can see the Black Rocks Viaduct (also called Roche-Taillade), which connects Lapleau to another village, Soursac.

Some hiking trails allow you to walk the Neyrat waterfall or to see the splendid panorama on the Luzege valley.


  • The Black Rocks Viaduct: suspended bridge through which the Transcorrezian passed in the 20th Century. The bridge is listed as a Historical Monument since 2000. It is, for security measures, forbidden to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. But you can admire it from different points of view.

  • Church Saint-Etienne : neo-romanesque church of the 19th century, which houses the treasures of many churches belonging to the former canton of Lapleau.

  • Rouby castle : dating from the 17th century, it sees its lauze roof being listed as a Historical Monument. It is a private property, so it is not available to visitation.

  • The Neyrat waterfall : from the top of its rock, the Neyrat waterfall flows and takes you to a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by greenery. The waterfall is accessible by following a hiking path.

  • The Lestrange site : medieval castle of the 11th century. There is only a few ruins left, which you can see during a 5 kilometers hiking trail.

  • The Vendahaut lake : a 2 hectare lake where you can bath and have fun and fish.