Hiking to discover a thousand things

Belvedere Roc GrandBelvedere Roc Grand
©Belvedere Roc Grand|David Genestal/ADRT Corrèze

Discover the Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières, an authentic land in Corrèze, thanks to its 340 kilometers of trails.

For every hiker
Little treasures to discover on your way

In our Authentic Land in Corrèze, we come to (re) discover the nature with small digestive strolls or great sports hikes. With more than 340 km of trails, Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières is a true land of hiking. It reveals a thousand facets of this territory, from its lush landscapes to its rich historical heritage, through its inhabitants and friendly shops.

You can, for example, discover a Henri IV house during a walk around the pond of Meyrignac l’Eglise.See the ruins of the Fortress of Ventadour by discovering the sunken paths of the Soudeillette and Vigne gorges, or walk into the woods, in the shade of beech and oak groves in Champagnac-la-Noaille.

You may choose to follow in the footsteps of the deer around Saint-Hilaire-Foissac, to dive into the great green of the Dordogne gorges or to admire the panorama of the puys, on the path leading to the hill of Montamar.

So many little things that testify to the natural and authentic character that the  Ventadour-Egletons-Monédières territory possesses.
On foot, bike and even sometimes on horseback, from the Plateau de Millevaches to the Dordogne gorges, these trails guide you in the depths of nature. Make you take the time to listen, to feel … and allow you to leave with memories full of the head.