My stay at the 'Domaine des Monédières'
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My stay at the ‘Domaine des Monédières’

My family and I decided, for this holiday, to leave our urban environment and take time to relax together. At the heart of the Millevaches plateau, the ‘Domaine des Monédières’ seems to be the perfect place to combine quality accommodation and nature in the countryside.

My name is Damien

My favorite part is having a good time with my family. I love cycling and swimming, sport and relaxation, it's all my life!

Comfort in the heart of nature

Une immersion dans la nature

It is on a sunny afternoon that we arrive at the ‘Domaine des Monédières’. We asked for a change of scenery, we are served! This residence seems ideal for those who, like us, are looking for authenticity and simple pleasures, far from the city. From the first minutes, the tranquility of the place grabs us, auguring a stay under the sign of relaxation.

We chose a cottage on the shores of the lake, to make the most of the enchanting setting. The equipment, worthy of the largest hotel residences, guarantees us an exceptional comfort, in the heart of the great natural areas of the Monédières! Sitting on deckchairs, we can appreciate the charm, as the day goes by.

Pressed by hunger, we head to the ‘Table des Monédières’, the Domain’s gourmet restaurant, where the chef and his team have concocted an authentic, regional … and delicious meal! On the menu: hard stuffed foie gras, cassolette of sweetbreads with spring products and an apple trilogy from the Limousin country. As for the children, they are served with a plate of charcuterie as well as fresh fish raised at Grandsaigne, a few kilometers away.

Local products gives an authentic flavor to this meal, served on the restaurant’s terrace, near the lake. The latter returns the incandescent colors of the setting sun, completing the picture with a sumptuous decor and giving this place a unique character. It is now time to go to bed after a busy day, before seeing what tomorrow will be like …

It's time to do some activities !

We wake up pleasantly, to the sound of the many birds that populate the surroundings. Breakfast is delivered, with fresh pastries prepared by the Domain’s baker. There is no better way to start the day!

Already the children are impatient, it is time to make some activities. We are spoiled for choice: cycling, hiking or horseback riding, tennis, two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, water sports, fishing, children’s games, or even the ‘Institute’, which offers a sauna, a steam room and treatments of all kinds. After a little thought, we opt for an electric bike ride. What a pleasure to travel together as a family along the country roads (almost) without effort, and to discover the Monédières, the Corrèze mountain!

Once the walk is over, we decide to borrow pedal boats to enjoy the water. The children imagine themselves as captains of boats, going on an adventure on the seas. We let ourselves slide along the water, enjoying this ride to enjoy a moment of tranquility ..

So many things to discover !

To end the day, we decide to take a dip in the outdoor pool, while children have fun in the playground dedicated to them. The Domain is secure, we can leave them a certain freedom, while resting. They are not long in joining us, and we share a privileged moment in family. The absence of cars in the grounds of the Estate contributes to the tranquility that one feels there. Here, you can empty your head, open a parenthesis, breathe … It is so good!

Already, we think of the next days. I really want to try fishing. That’s good, the ‘Domaine des Monédières’ sells equipment to indulge in the pleasures of sport. I can not wait to take my first shots. By the way, I would also buy some local products, to remind us of these unforgettable holidays. We could also benefit from some care at the Institute, then we will have plenty of time to explore the many hiking trails around, which will allow us to enjoy even more this stay in this authentic land in Corrèze !

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