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Egletons : a two-story history

Rich with a history punctuated by many events, Egletons, in Corrèze, experienced two major eras : the Middle Ages and the 20th Century.

Egletons, from the Occitan Aus Gleton, has had many periods in its history. But two have been particularly important and are, even today, integral parts of Egletons’ heritage.

Egletons : medieval city in the Ventadour viscounty


Capital of the family of the lords of Ventadour in the 11th century, Egletons really took off in the 12th and became a real economic and political center of the time, the Ventadours ensuring the prosperity of the city. The town even acquires the name Ventadour.


From this period, Egletons has preserved some vestiges that can be seen through its streets: portions of ramparts (built in the 11th, 13th and 15th centuries), the church tower of Saint-Anthony-the-Hermit, dating from 12th century or the chapel of the penitents.


Thanks to the Discovery Center of the Middle Ages, it is possible to discover more about the daily life of the time, thanks to reconstructions, many exhibits, as well as workshops.

The 20th Century : second major period of Egletons’ development


The prosperity of Egletons is unbroken and the city continues to be an economic and political hub. And the 20th Century sees the city experiencing profound changes in urban planning and architecture, under the leadership of Charles Spinasse, mayor of the time and former minister under the Third Republic.


An ambitious project to embellish and develop Egletons is then put in place and we see many buildings being erected that are still present today: the municipal stadium François Chassaing and its arch, the Albert Thomas College or the building of the National Professional School (now Pierre Caraminot High School).


Thanks to these developments, Egletons is labeled “Heritage XXth Century” in 2010 and is, thanks to these architectural ensembles, one of the major heritage town of Corrèze and Limousin.