Observing the stars in an authentic land

Nuit étoilée à Faugeras, lieu dit de LapleauNuit étoilée à Faugeras, lieu dit de Lapleau
©Nuit étoilée à Faugeras, lieu dit de Lapleau|Laurent Doutriaux

In our Authentic Land in Corrèze, the night is a fabulous show, dazzling and magical …

Une immersion dans la nature

City dwellers: in our Authentic Land in Corrèze, you are far from big cities and agglomerations. Here, we get away from your everyday life, take a step back but also find those moments of exception that reconnect you with yourselves.

And what better way to stand back than to watch the stars at night?The night in our Authentic Land is the promise to observe a dazzling spectacle.A show orchestrated by the sky, which deploys its luminous stars for the pleasure of our amazed eyes.

In height at the top of the Suc-au-May or the Roc du Busatier, or on the outskirts of small places that border our communes, there is no more magical moment, more intense, to measure the immensity of the universe.

During the Night of Stars, in August, or on a bright night, with family, friends or lovers, vibrate and let your mind be filled with serenity, calm as the stars offer themselves to you !